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Our story

On January 16, 1979, the brothers, Hans Jørgen, Knud Aage, and Preben Jensen, founded Brdr. Jensen Slimminge ApS. From the very beginning, they had much success transporting goods for freight forwarding companies, mainly in Scandinavia.

In 1998, Christian Grigat joined the company. He had up until then worked for major Danish haulage and transportation companies, working for years at their offices in Hamburg and Frankfurt in Germany. In 2016, Christian acquired the last shares in Brdr. Slimminge ApS, and he is now the owner and Managing Director of the company.

In 2006, Brdr. Jensen Slimminge GmbH founded in Neustadt/Holstein, between Puttgarden and Lübeck in Germany. The subsidiary operates exclusively as a subcontractor for the Danish parent company. The office in Germany is staffed, but all operations and management is located in Denmark.

Brdr. Jensen Slimminge ApS is located centrally on Zealand in Bjæverskov, between the West and South highways. This location is certainly one of the best on Zealand.


 Our business is based on a strong set of values:



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We put our clients first

We’re known for providing excellent quality of service, from the first point of contact to execution. We know that every business is unique, and therefore we develop flexible logistics systems specifically for you needs — regardless of the size of your company. Our client relationships are rooted in close dialogue, through which we uncover your needs and ensure to develop the most efficient way to transport your freight. We’re proud to say that we deliver world-class service, making us the right choice for you and your company.


Competent and trusted employees

Our services are not only characterised by flexibility and innovative thinking, but also by dedicated employees. To always be able to deliver world-class service, we continuously invest in solid training of our employees. This applies to both administrative staff and our chauffeurs.


 We specialize in high-value and time-sensitive freight


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